Cheesemongers & Retailers – What are we doing for you?

A key driver behind the Academy’s work is to educate people on the value of cheese, so they really understand what it is they are paying for. Modules on cheesemaking, affinage, the chill chain and the difference between artisan and large scale cheesemaking are the foundations of how we do this. This knowledge gives consumers the power to make educated choices and could ultimately change their shopping habits for the better.

Recognising Skilled Cheese Professionals

The launch of Academy of Cheese was met with cheers from the industry far and wide! Its members now have a platform to earn their kudos, demonstrate their knowledge and be recognised as the skilled cheese professionals that they are. The 4 levels of study, from Level One Associate to Level Four Master of Cheese offer industry professionals with progression opportunities, and employers with a formalised method of upskilling staff. Being Academy of Cheese trained is an accolade retailers proudly display in cheese shops around the world.

Where to Buy Cheese Directory

Our Where to Buy Cheese Directory was originally launched to support cheesemongers and makers when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and shoppers were mostly confined to their homes. We needed a way to ensure consumers could continue to buy artisan cheese and our cheesemakers and mongers were supported. The success has made it a permanent fixture on our site and one we continue to build on, adding new entries all the time. We have a captive and engaged audience of global cheese enthusiasts looking to enjoy more cheese, a listing in our Where to Buy Cheese Directory is an incredibly inexpensive advert for cheesemakers and mongers alike. 

The Cheese Library

A key asset for the Academy and one which we’re really proud of, is our Cheese Library of over 150 cheeses offering an in-depth analysis and formal categorisation of each. Every cheese is photographed whole and as a wedge, is categorised into the Academy’s unique Make Post-Make system, includes the history of the cheese, its maker and offers character descriptions and perfect pairing suggestions. Each entry is written by one of the UK’s leading cheese writers and triple checked for accuracy, including interviewing cheesemakers themselves. Originally designed as a study resource for delegates, we quickly realised the value of this for retailers as a tool to train staff, swot up on ranges or research potential new additions. The Cheese Library is available to subscribers and alumni long after they have finished their studies.

–       A formalised method of upskilling staff

–       Entry to the Where to Buy Cheese Directory

–       Educating consumers in the value of cheese