Cheese creatives – What are we doing for you?

The cheese world is broad and complex and involves many more than its makers and mongers. For those lucky enough to work in this industry, selling, promoting and marketing cheese, studying cheese equips you with the knowledge to better engage your audience and stand out from the crowd.

Deeper understanding and knowledge of the cheese industry

It will increase your appreciation for cheese, from its make process, its history, its provenance and allow you to write with authority on a subject you are now well equipped to discuss. Our Cheese Library, based on interviews with cheesemakers, offers a wealth of tales and anecdotes from the world of cheese and its people, adding a further more personal dimension to your content. The Make Post-Make model, the formal categorisation and analysis of cheese, standardising the language around cheese, offering a consistent and relatable tool for describing and comparing cheeses. Properly understanding the Make Post-Make model and where a cheese sits within it, enables you to associate parts of the make process to the characteristics of the final cheese, elevating your writing to a more professional level. 

A global cheese community

Studying with Academy of Cheese welcomes you to our global cheese community, bringing you together people from all corners of the cheese world from mongers, makers, writers, wholesalers and of course consumers. Our community is at the forefront of many exciting innovations in cheese so you’ll be sure to hear about all the exciting news as it happens!

–       Discover extra knowledge to better engage your audience

–       Develop relatable tools for describing and comparing cheeses

–       Be on the pulse of the the global cheese community


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