The Grand Gourmand
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27/29 William Pickering Drive
Unit E1
Rosedale Auckland
New Zealand

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Level one Associate academy-of-cheese


Franco Sessa aka The Grand Gourmand is a turophile, International cheese judge, Gardening and Lifestyle magazine editor and contributor, and food lover.

Growing up in La Valle dei Mulini (the valley of the watermills) in Gragnano, Southern Italy was a perfect childhood for Franco, learning about cheese, agriculture and the old traditions handed down through his family.

Franco’s gourmand ventures took him to New Zealand, where for the past 23 years he has worked in the New Zealand specialty cheese industry, from cheese making to sales and every other role in between. In recent years his expertise has focused on education and promotion of speciality cheese consumption and appreciation to retail consumers, wholesalers and the hospitality sector.

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