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Working in Cheese – The Communications Coordinator

The Academy of Cheese welcomes anyone who loves cheese, from consumers to those already working in the industry. The Level One course is an ideal place to kick start your cheese education, whether you are looking to get involved in the cheese world or simply to find new ways to enjoy cheese at home. For the more serious curd nerds amongst us we offer a total of four levels of cheese education, culminating in the highly anticipated Master of Cheese. 2021 will be a landmark year for the Academy as we launch Level 3, the ‘Fellow’ of Academy of Cheese certificate.  

Next up we meet Debbie Courat from Lynher Dairies. Lynher Dairies are an award winning cheesemaker based in Cornwall. They are responsible for delicious cheeses Cornish Yarg, Wild Garlic Yarg, Stithians and World Cheese Awards Supreme Champion Cornish Kern.

About Debbie Courat

Debbie is the daughter of a dairy farmer so has always been an avid dairy consumer, especially cheese! She studied European Law and Policy at University and moved back to Cornwall joining a graduate scheme for a car hire company. Needless to say cars weren’t really her thing and she came across Lynher Dairies advertising for a cheesemaker so sent in her CV. It was quickly established that her work experience skills were much more suited to sales and marketing and so under Catherine Meads mentorship she joined the dairy and has continued to develop these skills ever since.

Debbie Courat

I’m so proud of being part of the team that won a World Cheese Award

Q&A with Communications Coordinator Debbie Courat

I’ve been working in cheese for … 4 years

My first job in the cheese world was … My current role at Lynher Dairies

My current job title is … Communications Coordinator and I’m responsible for sales, marketing, social media, e-commerce and logistics for Lynher Dairies.

A typical work day involves … Processing online orders, talking to customers, booking the lorry, planning social media posts and content, organoleptic tests and liaising with Catherine (our owner) and Liam (Operations Manager) re. stock planning.

My favourite part of my job is … Organoleptic testing, and the shows where I get to talk to the public about our cheeses (seeing people’s reactions when they taste the cheese).

In my career I’m most proud of … Being part of the team that won a World Cheese Award.

“My advice would be go for it, as long as you have a passion for the area you work in, you can build knowledge and experience over time”

The worst part of my job is … If we ever have a shortage of cheese and have to tell customers they cannot have what they want.

My advice for someone wanting to become a Comms Coordinator would be … Go for it, as long as you have a passion for the area you want to work in, you can build your knowledge and experience over time.

I studied with Academy of Cheese because … My general cheese knowledge was limited when I started working with Lynher Dairies, I knew I loved to eat cheese but not much about all the different cheeses out there and how the make process differs etc.

Cornish Kern served with a drizzle of honey
Cornish Kern served with a drizzle of honey

My favourite thing about Academy of Cheese is… The knowledge and personable people, is there anything they don’t know about cheese?! 

I see the future of the cheese industry as … Exciting but challenging, I think there is a growing focus on specialist, traditional method cheese making, as consumers look for provenance of their food and sustainable practices. 2020 has obviously been challenging for both producers and consumers alike, hopefully people have had the opportunity to discover products they may not have looked at before through events such as the British Cheese Weekender.

My favourite cheese is Cornish Kern and I like to enjoy it with a drizzle of honey.

My ideal cheeseboard would definitely include … Cornish Kern, Yarg, Appleby’s Cheshire, Colston Bassett and Tunworth

A big thank you to Debbie and Academy of Cheese Supporters Lynher Dairies:

Lynher Dairies Cheese Co.

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