Meet the Cheese Board for a Flavour of the Academy of Cheese

Calling all British Cheese Awards judges & Selected Young Cheesemongers! You have an exclusive opportunity to hear more about this new cross-industry organisation – set up to support knowledge, career progression, and a love of cheese.

The founding committee have organised a special ‘Cheese Dating’ event exclusively available to judges at The British Cheese Awards, to give you an insight into the Academy of Cheese’s structure, objectives, content and explain how you can benefit from being involved.

Book your slot and meet the team!

After judging there will be three hour long sessions at 1.30pm 2.30pm and 3.30pm. During each session you’ll visit four tables for a 10 – 15 minute presentation. Please add name and contact details to your desired timeslot and email the link to this page to

AOC Cheese Dating – 31st May 2017
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Mary Quicke: Inspiration and Mission

Inspired by the US’ CCP – Mary has been instrumental in setting up the Academy of Cheese. Our chairwoman highlights the importance of championing cheese as a credible, exciting and respected profession. In order to make standardised industry accreditation a reality – patrons have a crucial role to play. Discover the opportunities available and long term advantages that sponsorship delivers.

Paul Thomas: What it takes to become a Master of Cheese

Paul has been responsible for developing the Standards and Learning Outcomes for our course structure. The Academy will follow a similar path to the Wines & Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) in programme structure and governance. Like them, we intend to become the global standard in cheese knowledge certification. Paul will give an overview of Levels 1 to 4; Associate to Master of Cheese.

 Charlie Turnbull: Who? How? What? Where? When?

The Academy is responsible for setting the accreditation standards; however, we need people to deliver the actual course programme. Charlie, a highly experienced ‘cheese tutor’ explains how the Academy of Cheese will work with training providers to implement courses around the UK.

Jilly Sitch & Tracey Colley: A Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese

The fun bit! Jilly & Tracey will introduce the Academy of Cheese’s tasting model that introduces a range of tools for effectively communicating about cheese. This includes pre-assessment and taste assessment to identify simple and complex flavours.