101 guide

Cheese Buying and Distribution

Once the cheese is made, the Supply Chain to reach the final consumer can vary by the number of steps required. We’ve gathered all the information here into this 101 guide to download and use offline.

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This 101 guide for Cheese Buying and Distribution contains:

  • How is Cheese Bought & Transported?
  • Required sales format of the cheese.
  • Selling cheese online.
  • Direct and indirect routes to market.
  • Types, make & maturity of the cheese.

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Topic: Tasting Cheese

Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy of Cheese has been set-up to promote cheese knowledge and provide career development, both within the industry and amongst the wider public. It culminates in the highly qualified and industry accredited role of Master of Cheese.

Maturation, Affinage & Grading, is part of the content in our certifications. If you’re looking for a place to start we recommend our Level One Associate Cheese accreditation course.

Yes, the Academy of Cheese is open to everyone! If you aspire to become more knowledgeable and develop a great understanding about all aspects of cheese then welcome aboard.