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Who are we?

Cheese making started back in the 1930s with Roger Longman’s grandfather. Originally making a traditional cheddar from the family herd, evolving to finally become White Lake Cheese in 2004. Delving into what was then, a niche market of goat’s cheese production. 

Based in Somerset, the milk we use to create our wonderful goat’s cheeses is provided by our own goats. A local Guernsey herd provide our cow’s milk, and our sheep’s milk comes from another well trusted farm. 


Why have you decided to be a part of this competition?

We think affinage is an exciting under-rated skill that needs to be developed more – we are still learning ourselves, despite making cheese for many years.

What would you expect to see happen to your cheeses?

We hope that we see some amazing cheeses, some disasters and everything in between! 

Are there any maturation techniques that you would be interested in seeing used?  

No, we don’t want to prejudice anyone – but be exciting! 

Are there any tips you can share with our competitors?

Be brave and experiment – there are no right or wrong answers.  And be patient! 

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