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Level one Associate academy-of-cheese


Jan Peter Aursnes is an Oslo based cheese evangelist cheering raw milk cheese. He is a Member of the Academy of Cheese and a training partner for Norway and Scandinavia.

He is the man behind the web page osteperler.no, he is cheese subject editor for the Norwegian encyclopedia Store Norske Leksikon, has done a basic cheese making course in Norway, visited many cheese makers to make cheese and is a keen conveyor of all things cheese. He has published the book “mine osteperler” (in Norwegian) about cheese.

As a teacher he is enthusiastic and knowledgeable not only concerned with the technical aspects of cheese and cheese making but also the cultural and historic. He is very fascinated with cheese rinds. He also appears as a cheese judge whenever asked and has judged at the Norwegian championships and World Cheese Awards.

Jan Peter also works as a consultant for cheese makers on the marketing side and is frequently used on government funded projects involving artisanal cheese makers. He has done numerous cheese workshops and really enjoys entering the floor to teach about “all”  the wonderful cheeses of the world.

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