Trevor Warmedahl Webinar: The Role of Coagulants in Cheesemaking

Your opportunity to catch up on Trevor’s research findings on the wide world of coagulants used in cheesemaking: if you are looking to expand your knowledge of rennet, this is the event for you.

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2nd October 2023


8pm (EST)






Please join us from the USA, Monday, October 2 at 8 pm EST, for a virtual webinar featuring 2022 Daphne Zepos Teaching Award recipient Trevor Warmedahl.

Trevor spent the bulk of 2022 researching the world of coagulants in cheesemaking. He dove deep into traditional rennet extraction in the cheesemaking communities of Sardinia, the Canary Islands, and throughout northern Spain.

Trevor first presented his findings at the American Cheese Society conference in Des Moines in July 2023. He covered the gamut of rennet production from the farm level to the industrial. He also reported on the different sources: animal, vegetable, and synthetic.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of rennet, this is the event for you.

Tickets for the event are $10. In addition to, or exclusive of the ticket price, you may donate directly to the Daphne Zepos Teaching Endowment. All proceeds from this event will go directly to the Endowment to further cheese education.

The event will be held over Zoom and not at any physical location. Space is limited to 100 attendees. A link to the event will be emailed to attendees about 1 hour before event time. Though this event will be recorded, in full transparency it may not be uploaded for some time. Feel free to email any questions to

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