No2 Pound Street – Associate Level Certification September 2022

  •  Sessions: 1
  •  30 September
  •  09.00AM – 17.00PM


Want to learn more about cheese? Become an associate with No2. This Level One course will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of cheese. Delivered over one full day by James Grant from No2 Pound Street, an innovative cheese and wine shop in the picturesque market town of Wendover in the heart of the Buckinghamshire Chilterns.


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The level 1 AoC Associate course will commence at 9am and finish at circa 5pm. Refreshments throughout the day will be provided. Including cheese. The closest station to The Tasting Room at No2 Pound Street is Wendover Station (Chiltern Railways) and is a 2 minute walk. Our telephone for the shop is 01296 585022 should you have any questions.

Based in the picturesque market town of Wendover in the heart of the Buckinghamshire Chilterns, is No2 Pound Street. No2 is an innovative cheese and wine shop, selling classical favourites alongside, raw, organic and pasteurised cheese made by smaller producers from the British Isles – our wine shop prides itself on an ever-increasing number of hand-made English wines. Complimenting the cheese and wine is a superb British deli counter celebrating award winning British artisan producers of meats, and smoked salmon.

Run by James and Nicola Grant, No2 Pound Street hit the ground running in 2010 , winning with the title Best New Retailer in the 2011 British Cheese Awards, and they have not stopped since.

James has a background in fine dining restaurants and five star hotels, with a love of cheese and wine running through his veins. His mission is to educate to make cheese and wine fun.

“It is the quintessential British deli. The staff are very passionate about the excellent produce they have on offer, along with extremely sound advice and knowledge. A breath of fresh air.” Deli of the Year testimonial

No2 has a purpose built affinage room, event space and training room. This is set behind the shop and free of distractions. It has all creature comforts to make your time on the Academy of Cheese course most enjoyable. We are proud to be one of the registered Training Partners of the Academy of Cheese and to offer the UKs first accredited cheese training programme.


“One thing that has immediately changed as a direct result of James infectious passion is that I’ve started using “fancy” cheese for day-to-day uses. Maybe it’s a hangover from my upbringing but I always felt like it would be wrong to use a handcrafted, premium product to, say, make a toastie. That’s what Tesco’s own brand is for! But the day after the course finished I grated some of the leftover smoked cheddar into an omelette and it completely blew me away. It’s given me a whole new perspective on something that I previously saw only as a special treat, and for that I can’t thank you enough.” Alex Level 1 AOC February 21’

What’s included in the price?

  • A classroom based course over 1 full day. Commencing at 9am until 5pm. Refreshments throughout the day will be provided.
  • Cheese to taste.
  • The Academy of Cheese Delegates pack
  • Introduction to the Academy’s own Structured Approach to Tasting
  • The Level 1 exam


Please note once the course is booked it is non-refundable. All bookings are final, however, if you are unable to attend you can reassign your booking to a new available date or to another person. We require 14 days’ notice prior to original booking date.

We reserve the right to cancel a course at short notice should events beyond our control make this unavoidable. Should this occur, delegates will be offered a place on our next available scheduled course or a full refund.

Includes instant access to the Associate learning road and certification

  • How to describe the key ingredients used in cheesemaking and their purpose
  • Have an overview of the steps involved in cheesemaking and maturation
  • Understand the Academy of Cheese Make/Post-Make (MPM) Model
  • Understand how milk is produced
  • Recognise the condition of a soft mould-ripened cheese in terms of degree of ripeness
  • Understands cheese grading and its relevance
  • Understands the role of maturation and affinage in adding value to the product
  • Knows the different techniques to accelerate and decelerate ripening in soft mould-ripened cheese
  • Understand of how cheese is bought and transported including the term “chill chain”
  • Understand the importance of offering an appropriate range of cheeses for a cheese board
  • Select and use appropriate packaging, to wrap and re-wrap cheese
  • Be able to cut cheese using appropriate tools
  • Understand the importance of caring for, cutting and serving cheeses appropriate to the variety
  • Understands the key descriptors of cheese i.e. country of origin, species of milking animal, vegetarian/animal rennet, raw/pasteurised milk, MPM Model, protected status, age
  • Understands the principles of pairing cheese and drinks
  • An overview of the history of cheesemaking
  • Understand the differences between large scale and artisan production
  • Understand an overview of the nutritional value of cheese
  • Demonstrates good hand-washing techniques
  • Understand how to handle cheese safely
  • Understand the difference between “use by” and “best before”
  • Understands how to use the Academy of Cheese Level 1 Structured Approach to Tasting Model
  • Practical assessment of cheese using the model

At Level One you are required to study and taste 25 iconic cheeses. You will find details on each cheese in your delegates pack and in the online Cheese Library. Whether you attend an online or classroom course you will be expected to have tasted the 25 cheeses on the Level One list by the time of your assessment.

Use the Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese (SATC) sheet to record your tasting notes.

Whichever way you chose to study, you’ll need to take the online exam to become a certified Academy of Cheese Associate. It’s 30 questions in 30 minutes, you’ve got this! 


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