25th July 2023

Guided study

Level Two Self-study Guided Session | “Cheesemaking Techniques – July ’23

This free-to-join online guided study session is open to Level Two Self-Study delegates only.

Join our resident cheesemaker, Katy Fenwick, for a masterclass on cheesemaking. Part of our series of free-to-join, live online workshops, designed to enhance your Level Two studies and gain a deeper understanding of the main topics.

In this study group we will be discussing the key cheesemaking techniques described in Level 2. We will compare the outcomes of these different techniques and the relevant sub-make categories by examining Lancashire, Gouda, and Gruyère PDO. This class will also include a brief introduction to dairy science with explanations of how both rennet and acid coagulations function, and the chance to ask any questions you need to deepen your understanding of the chemistry of cheesemaking.

This is an informal and friendly study group rather than a lecture, so come with questions and be ready to participate! We will be engaging with and tasting the cheeses discussed and this is an excellent to work through a Level 2 Tasting Sheet as we taste and talk. The list below are the cheeses from the Cheese Library focussed on for this group – not all will be available in some countries and we are very happy to suggest alternatives.

Cheeses covered in this class:



Gruyère PDO

Essential Details:

  • 25th JULY 2023
  • 19:00 – 19:45 (BST)
  • Online (ZooM)

The workshop has a limit of 30 delegate spaces

Open to current Level Two Self-study delegates only


Katy is a freelance cheese making consultant and educator, with external qualifications in HACCP, Food Safety Management and Internal Auditing as well as specialist training in Dairy Hygiene. With over fifteen years experience in the specialist cheese industry, including the role of retail manager for Neals Yard Dairy, she has spent time with cheese makers and retailers both in the UK and overseas. Driven to share her knowledge and love of teaching, she went on to teach at the School of Artisan Food. Most recently, she spent 18 months at Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, working in their creameries, affinage facilities and new product development. She now lives in the Lake District with her husband, two sons and pet dog; and likes forcing her family on long hikes, trips to the theatre, rock climbing, and, of course, eating cheese!

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