La Fromagerie: Loire – a Spring Deep Dive

Join Max, Patricia & Alessandro for their next Wine Tasting & Regional Supper, celebrating the food & wine of the Loire Region. You will enjoy a flight of six wines and regional cheese & food pairings, reflecting the season & the terroir.

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London, UK


Saturday 11th May



Join legendary cheesemongers, La Fromagerie, for a Spring ‘deep-dive’ in two central areas of the Loire river from Anjou through to Sancerre near Burgundy.

Starting with the flat landscape of Middle Loire, perhaps the river’s warmest section, giving it the name “Garden of France”, finishing in the limestone, sand and flint soiled, river carved planes of the Centre-Val Loire. In spring, these regions become perhaps the most important in France as baby vegetables, new seasons goats cheeses and the regions’ bright wines come into their own.

For a thousand years the Loire has fostered the greatest goat’s cheeses in France and indeed the world. The French wait for spring to start eating these elegant ‘chevres’, often assembling a cheeseboard devoted to the staggering variety of textures and flavours offered by this one category, lactic soft goats.

The gastronomy of the region was known to Leonardo Da Vinci, who was partial to a Nougat de Tours, and, of course, it is the birthplace of Beurre Blanc, need more be said? The wines show so much more diversity and depth than simply the world famous Sancerre region and the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety: Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc – not just a blending grape but one that can anchor some of the greatest reds in France – Romorantin, Arbois, Pineau d’Aunis and many others.

You will experience the beeswax and grapefruit notes of Savennières AOP, considered by some to produce the greatest dry Chenin Blancs on earth, and the ‘struck gunflint’ complexities of Pouilly Fumé from the famed Silex soils.

Disclaimer: This event is not organised nor run by the Academy of Cheese. Please refer to the organiser’s website for full Terms & Conditions.