Cheesemaking Workshop with Courtyard Dairy | 20th January 2024

Spend a day learning how to make cheese in this purpose-built cheese dairy, taught by industry expert Andy Swinscoe.

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20th January 2024


Lancashire, UK

£135.00 + VAT

Spend a day learning how to make cheese with expert Andy Swinscoe, in this purpose-built cheese dairy.

You’ll be guided through the background science and technical theory of how to make cheeses, and then experience hands-on cheese-making of two distinctly different cheeses.

And you’ll get to take home the cheese you made.

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The cheese-making course runs from 9.30 am – 3.00 pm, and includes lunch, at Settle, North Yorkshire.

The course is detailed and covers all the basics of cheese-making, combining a hands-on approach with some theory classroom work.

The subjects covered include: milk composition; use of rennet; selecting and using ripening cultures and starter bacteria; setting the curd; cutting, draining and stirring the curd; moulding, milling and pressing the curd; and cheese ageing. You will make two types of cheese: hard ‘Cheddar-style’ and soft ‘lactic’.

This Yorkshire cheese-making course also includes three recipes to take away, plus additional course material to give you pointers about sourcing equipment for both home and commercial use, and further learning.

Each course is for up to twelve participants, with each participant using separate cheese vats and moulding equipment to ensure everyone gets a full experience.  The course is held at The Courtyard Dairy.