Affineur of the Year 2023 | Meet The Maker & Competitors Live! 27th April

Meet Robin Skailes, award-winning cheesemaker of the Blue Stilton category of Affineur of the Year 2023, when he will be joined by competitors to chat about the affinage tips and techniques they are using for his Stiltons. Join this free webinar to learn more about the art of affinage and how it applies to ageing a Blue Stilton cheese.

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27th April 2023


6pm – 7pm GMT



Meet the competitors of Affineur of the Year 2023 and Cropwell Bishop cheesemaker Robin Skailes.

Join us on the second of our live webinars to Meet The Maker & Competitors for your chance to listen to some of the biggest names in the cheese industry.  

At this round table event, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Blue Stilton cheesemaker Robin Skailes. Robin and his family have been making Stilton for over 160 years and continue to produce this award winning PDO cheese, using traditional methods, including hand-ladling the curds. At the end of March, Robin despatched 9 of his award-winning Stiltons out to competitors, unpierced, when they were just two weeks old.

This is your chance to hear first-hand the techniques being used by the affineurs; what drove them to enter the competition and how they envisage their Blue Stiltons will turn out after 12 weeks in their maturing rooms.

Joining the panel will be sponsors of this category, Harvey & Brockless, as they share with us their reasons for sponsoring this event.

Blue Stilton PDO - section view

Join us, FOR FREE, on what is sure to be a lively conversation on the subtleties of affinage and what it’s like to take part in this unique experiment in cheese maturation. 

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Guest Line Up

Robin Skailes, Cropwell Bishop Creamery
Category Sponsors
Nick Bayne & Martin Knapp, The Fine Cheese Co.
Johnny McDowell, Indie Fϋde
Jazz Reeves, Paxton & Whitfield
No2 Pound Street
Stephen Fleming, George & Joseph

All dates and panellists are subject to change.  Stay informed by following us on our social media channels

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