World Cheese Awards 2019


Last year, when the World Cheese Awards 2018 were held in Bergen, Norway, there were 3472 cheeses from 41 different countries judged on a single day! For the first time ever, the World Cheese Awards are being held in Italy and it’s expected that many cheesemakers and cheese experts from across the World will be involved in what looks set to be a spectacular event.


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Aug 24
Oct 02

Trevor Warmedahl Webinar: The Role of Coagulants in Cheesemaking

Your opportunity to catch up on Trevor’s research findings on the wide world of coagulants used in cheesemaking: if you are looking to expand your knowledge of rennet, this is the event for you.

Apr 04
Oct 10

Guild of Fine Food Retail Cheese Course | London | October 2023

The Guild of Fine Food one-day Retail Cheese course is ideal for anyone sourcing or selling cheese.

Jul 31
Oct 13

Big Cheese Weekender

This year’s Big Cheese Weekender is going LARGE! With live market takeovers and masterclasses as well as an online programme brimming with special cheese offers, tastings, pairings and cheeseboard inspiration, this is set to be the ultimate cheese-lover’s festival.

Aug 31
Oct 14

Big Cheese Weekender | Guild of Fine Food: Could You Be A Cheese Judge?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a cheese judge? Do you have the sensory skills to identify a good cheese from a MAGNIFICENT cheese? Come along to our fun, informative and exciting cheese tasting masterclass, with a twist! As part of the Big Cheese Weekender, this event takes place 3pm on Saturday 14th October at the Guild of Fine Food in London.

Sep 22
Oct 14

Big Cheese Weekender | A Taste of Spain with Brindisa

Lucas, the cheese expert from Brindisa, is here to bring the taste of Spain to you in an hour-long celebration of artisanal Spanish cheese.

Aug 31
Oct 15

Big Cheese Weekender | Peter’s Yard: Spin The Cheese Wheel, with Patrick McGuigan

Have you ever wondered which cracker is best for which cheese? Join cheese legend, Patrick McGuigan for this BIG CHEESE WEEKENDER masterclass at 2pm, Sunday 15th October and learn how to build a show-stopping cheese board with all the best accompaniments. This event takes place at The George IV Pub in Chiswick, London.

Sep 21
Oct 15

Big Cheese Weekender | Tastes of the Unexpected with Chiswick Cheese Market

Unleash your taste buds and discover a world of culinary wonders! Join us on a journey like no other as we explore the captivating realm of uncommon cheese and drink pairings. Join six cheese industry legends for this BIG CHEESE WEEKENDER masterclass as they offer tips and tricks to elevate your cheese and drink pairings to a whole new level! This event takes place at The George IV Pub in Chiswick, London.

Aug 24
Oct 18

Exploring Jura Cheese & Wine, with WSET and the Academy of Cheese

Dive into this beautiful corner of France with Anjali Douglas DipWSET and Patrick McGuigan from the Academy of Cheese. Discover the production methods behind six prized wines and cheeses from the region, learn about the small-scale producers responsible for them, and taste some show-stopping wine and cheese combinations.

May 17
Nov 07

Level Two Self-study Guided Session: Presenting, Serving & Pairing Cheese – November ’23

Part of our series of Level Two Member Certification, live online Guided Sessions, designed to enhance your studies and help you understand the tasting process a little better. This class looks at effective ways to cut, wrap and present cheese for sale or for service. For a festive finish, we’ll look at how to approach pairing cheeses with some exciting accompaniments.