Goose Island v London Cheese Project – Cheese & Beer Matching


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Some things were just made to go together, and beer and cheese are two of them! Both cheese and beer are fermented and aged, beer is made from grain ,and cheese is made from the milk of the animals that eat grain. So if you love cheese, you’ll also love a well-crafted beer to go with it!
Jonny Tyson is a Beer Sommelier and Advance Cicerone, and Patrick McGhigan is a Cheese Professional, judge at the World Cheese Awards and co-founder of the London Cheese Project. Together they will walk us through the flavours, production, history, and most importantly, why cheese and beer is as good as cheese and wine, and often better – you be the judge!
The variety of good-quality artisan cheeses and well-crafted beers available today makes cheese and beer an extraordinary tasting experience. In this event we’ll be pairing four different cheeses along with four Goose Island beers. Join the experts and learn about making perfect pairings when it comes and cheese and beer!
This is one of the many events that are part of the London Cheese Festival taking part in London this May. Find out more about the festival here – Tickets include the beer and cheese pairings.

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