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The Box Of Cheese

The Box Of Cheese is a new local business selling artisan cheese gift boxes, subscriptions and bespoke offerings for special occasions.

The business is located in Hampshire and is owned and operated by Andy Bryant, a passionate turophile. And he loves cheese. Great cheese. Proper cheese. Cheese hand-made with love and care on the farm. Cheese made to ancient recipes or new, exciting cheese created by young cheesemakers. Cheese that everyone has heard of and cheeses that are hard to find. He has worked in the world of cheese for a very long time! He has made cheese or sold cheese for as long as he can remember, and he still loves it. His love of cheese is genuine and he wants to share that passion with the world.

Therefore, he has created The Box Of Cheese, an online shop selling some of the finest artisan cheeses, predominantly from southern England with a special focus on celebrating those amazing cheeses from around the New Forest area. He is driven by a love of good quality food, and he wants to support small, independent producers who really care about the cheeses that they create. He loves the excitement of discovering new cheeses. He feels that it is his little secret when he finds a cheese in a little deli that is not well known, that you can’t find in a supermarket. And he wants to share that secret with his customers.

The aim at The Box Of Cheese is to be as nice to our world as we can. That means plastic free (recyclable and compostable) packaging and local producers and suppliers. Andy and his family have always cared about the world they live in and are conscious of the decisions they make that will affect our environment and our futures. They shop responsibly, they grow their own fruit and veg where possible and try and do as much as they can to play their part. Therefore, the aim is to have boxes of cheese that are good for the environment. The only plastic you will find is the reusable and recyclable ice packs supplied by an eco-friendly company. Even the boxes come from sustainable resources from an employee-owned business.

The Box Of Cheese is very much a family operation. Andy has all of the cheese knowledge but his wife, Claire and his two daughters have played their part in getting the business up and running, from assisting with the creation of the “cheese room” in their house, to posting leaflets and delivering cheese to customers. Andy’s eldest daughter, Heidi, even created the website including the logo design and photographs.

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