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Neals Yard Creamery

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Neals Yard Creamery

Neal’s Yard Creamery are an independent dairy making fresh and mould-ripened cheeses, yoghurts and crème fraîche.

We make cheese and yoghurts from both cow’s and goat’s milk. Our goat's cheeses are made using milk from Andrew and Diane Goodwin’s herd at Wychmoor Farm, Titley, Herefordshire and we collect the cow's milk in the mornings from Stephen and Sarah Fletcher's farm at Walterstone in the foothills of the Black Mountains. Their small herd of just 40 cows produces really wonderful milk. As part of our ethos, we aim to work with local suppliers whenever we can.


Makers of:

Greek-Style Yoghurt

Creme Fraiche

Goat's cheeses: Ragstone   Dorstone   Perroche

Cow's cheese: Finn


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