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Level one courses


6 March 2020

We are proud to annouce The Cheese Stall in Winchester are running their first Academy of Cheese Level 1 course this March. As family run cheese monger, selling regularly at the beautifully old fashioned Winchester street market, they know a thing or two about cheese!

The course is held at their HQ where the focus is on experience. Here you will get chance to touch, feel and taste your way through the Level 1 course and see the affinage process up close. This is of course supported by the all important theory with chance to pick the brains of experienced cheese mongers.

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6 March 2020

Where better to learn about cheese than at a Royal Cheesemongers? With over 220 years of experience you are in safe hands as expert cheesemongers guide you through the Level 1 course. But don’t just take our word for it …

“I adored this course and have learnt so much. If you’re a cheese aficionado or just a cheese fan then there’s something for everyone”

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7 March 2020

Taking Louise’s course is a day spent totally immersed in all things cheese! You will be guided through the cheese making process, the Academy’s structured approach to tasting and learn how to create the perfect cheeseboard.

During the day you have the chance to make some cheese and bring all of your learning into practice with this truly hands on learning experience.

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7 March 2020

Kanako Mathys at Culture & Culture is a fabulous, experienced trainer who encourages us all to enjoy life through cheese! During her course she delves into the history of this culturally rich yet familiar food with courses hosted at London’s Nippon Centre.

Kanko proudly teaches the course in her native Japanese.


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14 March 2020 / 21 March 2020

Showcasing what they do best, the Level 1 course at La Fromagerie is devoted to tasting cheeses at a variety of stages of the ripening process. Senior cheesemonger Max Melvin will talk you through how to taste cheese in the Academy’s unique way and introduce you to the classification system Make-Post Make model.

Take advantage of Max’s wealth of knowledge to learn all aspects of cheese, from the make to ripening to affinage and grading. The course is a unique, multidisciplinary approach to this fascinating subject.

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24 March 2020

Another first for the Academy this March! The Irish School of Cheese have become our first International Training Partner and we couldn’t be more excited for what Avril has to offer.

After learning the ropes at the famous Sheridans, managing nine of their beautiful stores across Ireland, Avril followed her passion and founded The Irish School of Cheese. Avril draws on her experience to expertly guide you through cheesemaking, maturing, grading and of couse plenty of tasting – the structured way of course!

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Level two courses


12 & 13 March 2020

Our Level Two course is designed for those who wish to further develop their knowledge of cheese and take the next step towards becoming a Master of Cheese. Representing a significant progression from Level 1, this course is aimed at cheese industry professionals, chefs and the wider hospitality industry, as well as members of the public who seek a more profound understanding of the world of cheese.

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