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Taking our industry to a higher level

The UK’s flourishing cheese sector deserves to remain in the best possible health and highest regard. Collectively, through the Academy’s education programme we can achieve this.

Why join us?

Joining our initiative will establish you as a benefactor of the Academy. Your association and support of a recognised industry accreditation is an opportunity to secure and shape its future.

To date, Patrons have provided essential capital and as the Academy continues to grow, we require ongoing investment to implement all four Levels of accreditation – setting a gold standard. As a valued stakeholder, you can be a key part of this process.

We need.

We’re asking cheese makers, retailers, cheesemongers, distributors, producers, deli owners, chefs, foodservice operators and everyone with a passion for the sector to help us reach our funding objectives.

The Benefits – It’s never too late to get involved

We are still at the beginning! Currently, Patrons are thanked for their generosity with the following benefits:

Become a Patron

We appreciate the value of sharing new ideas of how we can further benefit your business if you choose to support us. Engage with us and we will continue to say; “thank you!”

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Enormous thanks. We wouldn't be here without you!
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